Mr. Russo is a knowledgeable and skillful lawyer pertaining to Applications for Political and Religious Asylum in the United States, USCIS form I-589.  While this standard federal government form may appear simple and easy to fill out yourself without the assistance of a licensed immigration law specialist; beware of the many mine fields and booby traps that do exist embedded into this application.  This is not something that should be done via a TurboTax-style prompt-led on-line form for cheap. Even more dangerous is the practice of going to an immigration consultant or a notario who, while perhaps fluent in your native language, prepares large numbers of I-589's and has come upon the radar of USCIS as an unreliable or fraudulent preparer of asylum applications.

It's your life, the lives of your family members, and your future in America that is at stake.

There is only a one-year statute of limitations within which to prepare and file your asylum application
with a few exceptions.

Consequently, if you have suffered from persecution in your home country; if the Government of your home country is either unable or unwilling to protect you from non-governmental thugs and persecutors; if you are afraid to return to your home country because of your religion or your political opinions and for certain other reasons; then do not delay.  Call Mr. Russo today at (505) 294-6662
for a free in-office consultation for up to 30 minutes.

Telephonic consultations are available at the rate of $100.00 per hour plus the 7% New Mexico gross receipts tax, payable in advance.  Most major credit cards are accepted.

Evaluations, in contrast to a brief initial consultations,  cannot be done in 30 minutes.
Compensation is required and is payable in advance for an evaluation.

As a reflection of his inventory of knowledge, the legacy USINS selected Mr. Russo to be a United States Asylum Officer as one of about 250 applicants selected from an application pool of about 2,500 applicants during 1994.

So that you will know, the law regarding asylum, withholding of removal, and protection against torture is evolving and is becoming more expansive.
Some cases that would have been routinely denied just a few years ago are now being approved, if presented carefully and well.

If you are arriving into the USA from overseas, then it is important for you to understand the law and the facts of your request for asylum in America, BEFORE your "credible fear" interview before a U.S. Immigration Inspector at a  airport or other Port-of-Entry or before a U.S.  Border Patrol Agent.

If you have a well-founded fear of returning to your home country based upon truthful facts relating to your religion, political opinions, race, citizenship, or membership in a particular social group;  then call Mr. Russo today for a free in-office initial consultation or for a compensated telephonic consultation.

Mr. Russo is willing to travel nation-wide to represent you at your initial administrative interview
before a USCIS Asylum Officer.  Whether the all-important first interview be at New York City, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, or even El Paso Texas; Mr. Russo will give you the traveling time for free, but you must pay for the traveling expenses.  If you talk with some of your friends, you will find that a really good lawyer is worth the fee.  There is an excellent correlation between value and price.

If you have already lost your asylum case before a U.S. Immigration Judge and need to take a prompt appeal to the United States Board of Immigration Appeals, then Mr. Russo has extensive prior relevant work experience researching law and drafting appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  References are available upon your request.

Mr. Russo also represents the victims of certain crimes for the "U" classification and 
victims of severe international human trafficking for the "T" classification.