Mr. Russo has worked as a designated Naturalization Examiner for the legacy U.S. Immigration and Nationality Service at El Paso and at Albuquerque from 1980 through 1981.

As a decision-maker, he adjudicated more than one thousand applications to United States citizenship through naturalization, acquisition, and derivation.
He has an insight and an understanding of what it is like to sit on the other side of the desk.

Some claims were simple and routine while other claims were not-so-simple and not-so-routine.  One application traced back to the original USC source parent
who was born at Fort Stockton, Texas, during the year 1887!

At the present times,  just one misdemeanor conviction for first-offense simple DUI (driving while impaired) can cause a problem regarding proof of "good moral character",
one of the requirements to become an American citizen through naturalization.  This problem can usually be overcome, but it requires an otherwise good set of
facts and more effort on the part of the applicant's attorney.

Also, one first offense misdemeanor arrest and conviction for domestic violence, even after a conditional discharge and dismissal, can also sometimes create a problem regarding
proof of "good moral character".  Mr. Russo has accepted these cases and obtained successful results.

Every applicant to naturalization (or any interaction with the USCIS) can benefit from having the presence and the representation of a licensed experienced immigration lawyer during your in-person interview.

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