If you are an immigrant, an American citizen who is married with or in love with an immigrant, a refugee, or a business that wants to sponsor a non-citizen employee to work for your company; then you will benefit from communicating with an expert in United States immigration law to help you navigate through a complex set of laws and regulations in order to achieve a successful result or to avoid an avoidable disaster.

I have more than 30 years of experience practicing immigration law. Over the years, I have advised and counseled thousands of individuals with respect to eligibility or lack of eligibility regarding U.S. immigration benefits. Examples include: adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident, consular processing abroad for a visa, political or religious asylum, diversity immigration, and employment-based immigration classifications and visas.

It is extremely important to obtain timely and accurate professional advice and counsel before you file an application with the Citizenship & Immigration Services ("CIS"), and especially, before you leave the United States to apply for a visa abroad. If you have never heard of the "three-year bar" or the "ten-year bar" for "unlawful presence in the United States"; then you are definitely in need of an evaluation. The U.S. immigration laws have become strict, complex, and harsh. If you make even one mistake, the CIS can be unforgiving. Sometimes, even one mistake, for example, communicating a false claim to U.S. citizenship or lying during an interview, can result in a life-time banishment from the United States.

It is well worthwhile to purchase an evaluation of your situation. A small and timely investment into securing professional advice can sometimes prevent the destruction of your family. If you are the owner of a business, then professional representation can help you to be prepared for an "I-9 audit" or to obtain the services of the employee who you really want to hire or to keep on board.

I provide this kind of specialized advice, representation, and expertise. I build immigration, citizenship, and removal defense cases that are based upon truthful facts. Over the years, I have earned the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that you are looking for in a lawyer.

In addition to affirmative immigration representation, and also defensively represent individuals who find themselves in removal or deportation proceedings. I represent persons and families before the U.S. Immigration Judges located at El Paso, Texas, and at other locations throughout the United States. I do bond hearings for persons detained at the Otero County New Mexico detention facility. If you do not have a realistic removal defense "case"; then I will candidly advise you of that fact through an initial interview, evaluation, and written report.

I enjoy taking and winning meritorious appeals to the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals at Falls Church, Virginia, and to the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the 5th, 9th, and 10th federal circuits (New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada).

I have a boutique law firm that delivers friendly and personal service. I will listen to you and provide you with the individual attention that you expect and deserve. My fees are reasonable and competitive. Telephonic evaluations, even for out-of-state or out-of-country callers, are available. All languages can be made available. I accept most major credit cards. I can help you.

Call today for an appointment at: (505) 294-6662.